Research on recycled materials and testing their use in new domestic environments have always been the hallmark of Arbos. The environmental friendliness of the Arbos products is concretely and authentically founded on these materials.


RISTOFFA® is a material obtained from recycling used clothing and textile manufacturing waste.
RISTOFFA® undergoes a sterilization treatment that makes the recycled product safe and, in turn, fully recyclable. It is not dyed and its texture comes solely from the filaments of the various fabrics that leave traces and memories of their previous “lives”. The warm irregular surface immediately conveys its “recycled” origin while giving each object a unique appearance. RISTOFFA® is a registered trademark.

Tar Paper

Since ancient times, petroleum has been one of the natural substances most useful to man. The Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians all extracted bitumen from open-pit mines and used it in the pure state to waterproof boats. The Egyptians considered petroleum as a “sacred oil” and used it to embalm mummies. During the ninth century A.D., Arab alchemists perfected the first crude oil refining techniques. In the Renaissance its properties were exploited for medicinal purposes. Why is it that we currently associate crude oil today with images of pollution and ruined, contaminated beaches? The blame lies in the negligence and greed of man, not in petroleum!


Ricuoio® is a material obtained from recycling scraps left over from the working of natural leather. The manufacturing of ricuoio® starts with the grinding of scraps of hide to which vegetable and animal origin (fats and natural tannins) have been added to make them soft and ensure their preservation. Then, natural rubber latex is added to the mixture to bind together the various fibres. Ricuoio® is compliant with all EU legislative safety standards. Ricuoio® is a registered trademark of Arbos.

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100%-recycled paper that has not been deinked; straw paper is manufactured from unselected post-consumer waste paper collected from recycling bins. That is why straw paper is one of the recycled papers whose production involves the lowest consumption of energy and water, while only a very small amount of sludge is left as industrial waste. The rough texture of the surface of the paper, full of colour impurities, makes each sheet unique.

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