ARBOS at the 49th Suzzara Art Prize

19 September 2016



The 49th edition of the Suzzara Art Prize, one of the oldest awards for contemporary art in Italy, was held in Suzzara (Mantua) on Saturday, September 17th.

For several years now, the Prize has adopted a more original approach allowing hundreds of artists to freely create and display their works throughout the old town as well as at the main venue of the Prize.
Arbos exhibited its project “Quaderni/Disegni” developed in collaboration with Mala. Arti Visive.

This project (an artist’s interpretation of a daily object – the copy-book) is fully in keeping with the idea behind the Prize, which has always been to promote knowledge of and the accessibility of art, by making it break free from tradition and be available to everyone, wherever and without fixed abode.

We would like to recall Cesare Zavattini’s words of introduction to the first edition of the Suzzara award: “The day will come when everyone will have a painting or statue in their house, because the fear separating art from the poor, the working classes and the humble shall disappear.”




Here are a few photos of the day:

arbos quaderni suzzara Paolinarbos quaderni suzzara bambino

arbos quaderni suzzara mostraarbos quaderni ecologici suzzara



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