Arbos has become a B-corp

4 July 2019   

What it means to be a sustainable company.

Companies nowadays need to ask themselves serious questions about the way they do business, to
respond to the growing demands of consumers that they act in a responsible manner: both at an
environmental and a social level. Transparency and responsibility are essential: sustainable policies should
be adopted, and also shared clearly and openly.

What is a B Corp?

Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa, the first B Corp in Europe, defined a B Corp as:

A company that sets itself objectives for positive social and environmental impact as part of its business strategy, hand in hand with its economic-financial objectives. It is a company that creates profit while regenerating the system in which it operates, and has a positive effect on society, people and nature. B Corps are not just companies that provide sustainable or organic products or services, or ones with a positive social impact. They can, in fact, be any type of business, from food, to clothing or financial services, IT or Hi Tech; as long as they conduct themselves in such a way such as to create maximum value for all their stakeholders.”

B Corp certification

Ezechieli explained the selection process: “To qualify for certification, a company must be able to demonstrate very high standards of performance in terms of economic, environmental and social impact.”This important certification, issued by the American non-profit organisation B-LAB, has so far been granted to 2,500 companies in 50 countries: companies that are actively adopting a new and more social concept of success in business.

Arbos has become a B-corp

It is the only certification that really matters to us,” said Sergio Paolin, CEO of Arbos, when B-LAB informed him of the B-corp recognition.

We firmly believe that doing business in a manner that combines profits and social responsibility can be one of the best practical ways to improve the world in which we live.”

By this means Arbos has become part of a global business movement that sees business not only as a means to make a profit but also as a way to promote the welfare of society.

To learn more about B-Corp certification, please visit:


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