“”Go where nature directs you””
Francis Bacon

This is the Arbos philosophy

This philosophy wants to revive the artisan production, which is full of wisdom and the technical knowledge of materials, as an alternative to everything that is pre-packaged, “serialized” without history and unable to recount about the human hand on the matter. This philosophy proposes the culture and practice of recycling as a curb to waste incivility; a philosophy that proposes an alternative lifestyle for a society that often dissipates resources and experiences. The “3R” philosophy represents a set of values that are typical of the way we do business.

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We believe that the rights of workers and social responsibility of the business should never be compromised for the sake of a fair profit. Arbos guarantees its Customers that its products are manufactured in a socially responsible manner.

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Arbos is one of the very first companies in Italy to have based its mission on the production of articles made with recycled and environmentally friendly materials. For this reason, in 2007, Arbos was recognised as a “Pioneer”, an award that COMIECO, with the sponsorship of the President of the Republic and the Ministry for the Environment, grants to the 50 Italian companies and authorities that “have worked to emphasise the importance of recycling materials and, more generally, environmental culture in Italy.”

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The label “Made in Italy” is known worldwide as a symbol of art, style and elegance. It is said that Italy is the country to have invented design, and continues to remain its homeland. At Arbos, “product quality” means the study of aesthetics in relation to the best in functionality, on-going research of innovative technical solutions as well as savoir-faire and craftsmanship transferred into serial industrial production.

You can read more in our Code of Ethics and in our Supplier Code of Conduct

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