Telling the story of craftsmanship with Arbos

25 November 2014

sogni nei cassettiIn recent weeks we have already told you about the aims of the project Secret Dreams and a few days ago, on our social channels, we also showed you some “strange presences” going around Arbos with cameras and camcorders. These were the young video makers of the project being carried out in collaboration with the Laboratory for Art and Culture at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice

The project was launched with the main intention of connecting generations of makers through story telling to talk about the company, the people who work there and the jobs that they do.

Story telling is a communication tool that even small companies are beginning to use to tell their own history, their values and every detail of their activity in an effective and absorbing narrative context.

Its aim is to make the company and the activity performed there every day become protagonists of a story with an unimaginable value, able to communicate an integrated and effective view of the company.

In the coming weeks the video makers of Secret Dreams will continue filming and interviewing people at Arbos, to capture the true essence of what we do and the values that guide us in our daily activity.

As always, stay tuned on our social channels to learn all the developments of the project.


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