Arbos Ecodesign Stationery Notebooks, journals and agendas are made with materials that respect the environment, which summarizes Arbos’ love for nature, passion for paper and its bond with the territory and Italy. Thanks to collaborations with various designers and artists the writing collections capture the attention of all writers and those passionate about paper and ink.

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(Italiano) Molti pensano che tenere un diario sia una cosa da adolescenti. Invece scrivere un proprio diario personale è una delle terapie naturali più efficaci contro l’insicurezza, gli sbalzi d’umore, la mancanza di focalizzazione e lo stress

Quaderni Arbos in cuoio riciclato

The notebooks and copy-books in this collection, bound in recycled leather (Ricuoio®), are now among the most iconic of Arbos’ articles. The product is simple in design, clearly and definitively […]

Organic Lines by Arbos

(Italiano) I quaderni ecologici della linea Organic Lines sono una delle novità introdotte da Arbos nella collezione 2015. Le loro copertine sono ispirate alle geometrie e alle forme da sempre presenti nel mondo vegetale, per dare vita a quaderni amici della natura in ogni senso.

Arbos Linea Gothic

Anyone attracted to the world of the Gothic, and those mysterious tales pervaded by darkness and magic practices, is sure to love these original new notebooks, all made from recycled […]


“Cave canem” was often written on the entrance to villas in ancient Rome. Nowadays we write “Beware of the dog”, suggesting that dogs are fierce and threatening animals… We prefer […]


“Colours are the universal language of the soul” wrote Wassily Kandisky. What better way to introduce the Kroma series of the new small copy-books made from recycled paper? Here’s a […]