Corporate identity

From when it was started in 1988, Arbos founded its mission on what it called the “3R philosophy” which forms the basis of its way of doing business.

R as in “respect for people”: Arbos believes that the rights of workers and social responsibility of the business should never be compromised for the sake of a fair profit. Arbos guarantees its Customers that its products are manufactured in a socially responsible manner.

R as in “respect for the environment”: Arbos’s mission is founded on the production of articles made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.It also has a long-term goal to reduce hazardous waste and prioritise the use of raw materials, forms of production and techniques that are less polluting

R as in “research into beauty”: at Arbos, product quality means the study of aesthetics in relation to the best in functionality. Arbos invests in research for innovative technical solutions and materials for production that draws on the tradition of craftsmanship behind the success of Made in Italy.


Purpose of the Code of Ethics

The aim of the Code is to define the principles to which the administrators and directors of Arbos must adhere (herein after: Administrators), as well as the rules of conduct which must be respected by suppliers and anyone else who wants to enter into business relations with Arbos (herein after: Recipients).


Fundamental ethical principles

The Administrators and Recipients are obliged to ensure their actions comply with the fundamental values of honesty, transparency, competence, loyalty, respect for the law, good faith, humanity and constant adaptation to the principles governed by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In particular, Arbos:

–rejects any improper behaviour towards the community, public authorities, workers and customers to achieve its economic goals

– pursues its competitive approach to the market through product quality, innovation and respect for the legitimate interests of the community

–protects and enhances the human resources it employs, encouraging cultural advancement and a balanced work-life relationship by implementing working hours that take into account personal and family needs

–employs resources responsibly, aimed at sustainable development while respecting the environment and future generations.


Relations with employees

Arbos recognises the fundamental role of workers, in the belief that the first element in the company’s development lies in the professional contribution of the people who work there.

The Administrators and Recipients undertake, first and foremost, to respect the fundamental human rights and dignity of every person and to prevent any form of exploitation of situations involving need or physical or mental inferiority of workers.

Consequently, the management of employment relations in Arbos is always aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities and encouraging professional growth regardless of gender, nationality or religion.

Moreover, Arbos adopts management practices with which it undertakes to:

– operate in compliance with all applicable safety and environmental provisions, as well as the principles, which it has freely entered into, with respect to both workers and customers (product safety)

–safeguard the health and safety of its workers by adopting appropriate prevention, protection and verification measures

–view the environment and sustainable development as strategic factors in ensuring a better quality of life for future generations

–improve internal and external communication processes through continuous training, information and consultation of its workers.

To define all the topics that govern the relationship with employees, the company has created an “Employee Manual” which is an integral part of this Code of Ethics.


Relations with suppliers

Arbos undertakes to disseminate and promote the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility to its suppliers and not to engage in any relationship with suppliers that do not share the content and spirit of this Code.

In its relations with suppliers, Arbos will always be responsible for:

–gathering information about the supplier in advance in order to avoid initiating relations with suppliers that are known or suspected to partake in unlawful and discriminatory behaviour towards their employees or incorrect behaviour towards civil society

–selecting suppliers based on objective criteria, starting from which Arbos will give priority to:

  1. a) cooperatives
  2. b) companies with a majority of female employees
  3. c) local independent firm

With regard to all matters concerning supplier relations, the company has a “Supplier Code of Conduct” which is an integral part of this Code of Ethics.

Relations with institutions and public administration

Arbos undertakes to avoid any behaviour that may improperly influence the activity and independent judgement of public administration and public institutions.

Furthermore, all transmission of data, reports and social communications will always be based on the utmost correctness, clarity and truth.


Relations with local communities and associations

In the spirit of openness to requests from civil society, Arbos undertakes:

–to carefully assess any request for assistance or support from associations or local groups, giving preference, where possible, to those from the local area and which deal with

environmental issues

–to participate, where permitted by the planned annual budget, as a technical sponsor of exhibitions and events of significant cultural or environmental interest

–to actively participate in the activities of organisations or associations whose aims are: the development of economic democracy, the protection and enhancement of Italian historical and cultural heritage, the promotion of environmentally-sustainable forms of life and production.

Relations with customers

Customer satisfaction underlies the company’s values and is key to business continuity. This is achieved through the provision of cutting-edge sustainable products. Arbos bases its relations with customers on honesty, transparency and integrity, and is therefore committed to:

  • offering high quality products and services that meet the Customer’s reasonable expectations and ensure the Customer’s safety and security;
  • fulfilling obligations and commitments made to customers;
  • providing accurate, complete and truthful information;
  • being consistent and transparent in all communications relating to advertising, sales or other;
  • complying more generally with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 06/09/2005 – Consumer Code


Solagna, December 2021                                                                                                                   ARBOS srl Società Benefit


Document approved at the meeting of CDA of 31/12/2021