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Environmentally friendly notebooks, journals, agendas and other stationery products that are designed and created by constant research, experimentation and collaboration between craftsmen and designers that has been on going for more than 30 years.

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Gifts, corporate gadgets or promotional articles to meet the every day needs of the customer are designed and created with the typical Made in Italy craftsmanship and with the utmost attention to the environment.

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Firstly, each artisan must have a great ability to listen to be able to understand and better meet the needs of the customer and market demands referred to the product: gift ideas, promotional items and eco-friendly gadgets.

The Italian Style

Made in Italy stands for quality, creativity and flexibility. All values that immediately make Arbos stand apart from its competitors. The use of environmentally friendly materials, continuous product research and illustrious collaborations are just some examples of the company's qualitative approach.


Ensuring the best product for the customer's needs means investing time in experimenting with new creative solutions and techniques. It means designing a product that respects the environment and makes the customer respect the environment.

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