Research on recycled materials and testing their use in new domestic environments have always been the hallmark of Arbos. The environmental friendliness of the Arbos products is concretely and authentically founded on these materials.


Ristoffa® is a material obtained by recycling used clothes and scraps of fabric. Ristoffa® is sterilised to make the product safe and, in turn, fully recyclable. It is not dyed in any way and it retains the feel of the filaments of the various fabrics: they are traces, memories of previous lives, forming a warm and textured surface that is reminiscent of the recycled origin and makes each item unique in appearance.


Ristoffa® is a registered trademark. It is produced in Italy and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the most rigorous and widespread international testing system for textile materials that guarantees, among other things, the absence of substances harmful to health.


Tar Paper

Tar Paper®: paper made with oil! Oil has been one of the most useful natural substances for man since ancient times: Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians drew bitumen from large surface deposits for use as waterproofing; the Egyptians used it as part of the process of mummification; the Arab alchemists, eight centuries after the birth of Christ, developed the first techniques of oil distillation; and various texts dating back to the Renaissance refer to the curative powers of oil.

Tar-Paper consists of a mixture of distilled bitumen and polymers and an inner sheet of cardboard. The material is inert (non-biodegradable) and does not contain toxic or harmful substances according to the European REACH legislation. It is produced in Italy by a company with ISO 14001 environmental certification. Due to its particular nature it is recommended not to lay it on delicate surfaces or fabrics.


Ricuoio® is a recycled material made with the offcuts of natural leather. The manufacture of Ricuoio® involves the grinding of leather offcuts and the subsequent addition of substances of vegetable and animal origin (natural fats and tannins) to lend softness and guarantee conservation. Finally, natural rubber latex is mixed in to bind the various fibres.

Ricuoio® is a registered trademark and complies with all the safety standards of EU legislation. Ricuoio® is produced in Italy and certified according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which guarantees products made with recycled materials in compliance with strict environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.




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Arbos uses 100% recycled paper of certified European production for the pages of all its products. The paper is produced in compliance with the most stringent environmental criteria. No chemicals for whitening the pulp are used at any time during production at the mill. The recycled paper we use is, therefore, suitable for these certifications:



A form of 100% recycled paper, cartapaglia is made with pulp from urban waste that has been neither de-inked nor sorted. Of all types of recycled paper, straw paper involves the least consumption of energy and water, and a minimal amount of sludge as processing residue. The rough surface of the paper, rich in colour impurities, makes each and every sheet quite unique. Straw paper is still produced by one of the oldest paper mills in Italy: it is based in Veneto and dates back to 1595.

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