Arbos environmentally sustainable stationery products for Viviverde Coop

Produced exclusively for COOP Italy, the “VIVIVERDE” collection is, without doubt, the most beautiful line of eco-friendly stationery products present on the Italian large-distribution shelves. 100%-recycled paper made from Ecolabel certified selected pulp was used for the internal pages of articles. This ensures perfect functionality to the different types of writing. The covers are a small sampling of eco-sustainable materials: recycled cardboard, straw paper (produced with the recycled pulp) and light brown and anthracite coloured recycled leather. Delicate graphic designs reproduced with different printing techniques (offset, screen printing, hot stamping) give the products a natural atmosphere that strengthens the COOP “VIVIVERDE” communicative values. Despite the industrial serial production, the result is a product that transmits the values of craftsmanship.

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