Arbos has become a B-corp

“Andare là, dove la natura conduce”

– Francis Bacon

Arbos has become part of a global movement that sees business not only as a means to make a profit but also as a way to promote the welfare of society.
B-CORPs recognise that the purpose of a company must reach beyond the goal of profit, and so make tangible efforts to increase their positive impact on their employees, the community and the environment. They are committed to using their businesses as a regenerating force for both society and our planet.

This important certification, issued by the American non-profit organisation B-LAB, has so far been granted to 2,500 companies in 50 countries: companies that are actively adopting a new and more social concept of success in business.

Sergio Paolin founded Arbos in 1988, together with Oriella Guarise; he explained the significance of this certification: “For Arbos, becoming a B-corp was like a natural recognition of our mission, whichinvolves the production of articles for writing and drawing, made from recycled materials and created with ongoing collaboration with the world of art and design. These are products made from recycled paper, leather and fabric, which have helped encourage a culture among consumers of recycling, reusing, and respecting our planet’s resources”.

Arbos has successfully overcome a complex and rigorous evaluation process, which examines a company’s practices, processes and initiatives in five subject areas: governance, relations with workers, relations with customers, actions to help the community, and the environmental sustainability of products and production methods.

Arbos has always paid great attention to the world of culture and education.
The company has engaged in many projects and joint activities with major Italian universities, with the aim of encouraging collaboration between the younger generations and the world of work.

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Disclosure obligations for public disbursements:
State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the National Register of State aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2012.

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