Arbos is a protagonist at Makerland, the first dedicated store for Makers!

makerland3D printers alongside shopping trolleys: this is not a futuristic image, but the reality that you can see every day at the Auchan Shopping Mall in Monza, where the first Maker Store in Italy was opened a month ago.

Makerland is a really special store, totally dedicated to new forms of handicrafts and digital fabrication.

The project was born from a collaboration between Auchan, Gallerie Commerciali Italia, opendot, Talent Garden, Sharazad, whereas the interior design is by dotdotdot.

Arbos too can be found in this innovative sales outlet!

At Makerland, many materials are on display with which visitors can create their own spiral notepads, choosing from the various covers and inserts available the ones they prefer to make their notepads different each time, just as a paper craftsman might do, but with the aid of technologies installed right there in the store.

Makerland will not be just a store selling 3D printers, laser cut kits, electronic boards, items for customising, but visitors will also have at their disposal a consulting service and a workshop area. Above all, the store will also be a showcase for the sale of projects made by makers all over the world.

Thanks to this project, the do-it-yourself culture of which makers are spokespersons can spread more and more, meeting the general public in a place where there is a very high flow of people. Without forgetting that the particular nature of the project means that it has attracted a lot of attention from leading national newspapers.

The makers’ revolution has already begun. Are you ready to surrender?