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According to Promotional Products Association International, around 94% of people who receive a quality promotional gift remember when and where they received it, while 85% of them would do business with the company concerned. In addition, each one of these 94 out of 100 people keeps the object they received for between one and four years, and remembers the name of the company involved for about two years.

Companies are aware of these facts, and so when they’re deciding which gifts to offer their customers to retain their loyalty, they tend to focus on practical objects that can be used over time, such as pens, diaries, notebooks or calendars.

More specifically, many companies have chosen Arbos products for their high profile promotional gifts, including some prominent Italian and international names. Among these businesses are: Ferrero; Prodir, a leading Swiss manufacturer of pens; COOP Italia; Confartigianato Campus, who gave notebooks and folders in recycled paper to the students at their training college; the Miroglio Group; Gulbla Company, the well-known Swedish denim clothing brand; Banca Intesa; TEDx; Barclays; ITAS Assicurazioni, and many more.

Why are promotional products important for business?

Because when they are useful and of good quality such gifts create and increase brand recognition and popularity. A satisfied customer is happy to use the item he received as a gift, helping to promote the brand both online and offline.

Company gifts are not only viable financially, but can also serve to convey the philosophy and ethics of a business when using practices such as cross selling. This is certainly the case with ecological products. Finally, when compared to TV commercials or banner ads, promotional gifts ensure a higher degree of brand exposure. This is because they are used over a longer period, in contrast to the rapid exposure provided by other forms of advertising.

So why not give your company that extra boost? Arbos offers you a wide range of stationery products to use as promotional gifts, all displaying care for the environment, meticulous design and expert Italian craftsmanship!


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