Arbos promotional agenda for Ferrero

Those lucky people who have received this agenda from Ferrero certainly will not have thrown it away once the year has passed! Working in close collaboration with the Ferrero marketing department, Arbos has been able to create a complex object that, while respecting specific technical instructions, is strongly evocative, rich of experiential contents that the Nutella brand has always had. Both the version with recycled leather cover and the version with brushed aluminium cover (created by an old specialised workshop located in Bassano) are a high quality product in terms of creativity and manufacturing, and is evidence of how the value of the corporate brand and the value of the promotional object must always be closely related. Moreover, the Nutella agenda is a classic example of a “tailored” customised product that shows the potentials that can arise from positive interactions between large companies and the quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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