Arbos welcomes aspiring graphic designers at Irigem

irigem arbos

The strong interconnection with the territory has always been one of the strongest values at Arbos, with the aim of returning to the place where we were born and grew up at least part of the richness that it has enabled us to produce by settling here. For these reasons, Arbos has always shown an open attitude to collaborations with entities and other expressions of civil society.

This context also includes visits to the company by school parties and students, such as the young people from the course for Graphic Designer, organized by the Irigem Training Centre at Rosà (Vicenza).

On Thursday 13 November, students and teachers had the chance to see the different stages in the process of creating a paper product, from the conception of the design to its realisation, passing through the processing of the raw materials, offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping, cutting, die cutting, binding and so on.

During the visit the aspiring young graphic designers were able to learn the secrets of an ancient material, paper, which resists the advance of technology and is still widely used, and the difficulties but also the fascination of a job that must succeed every day in combining the skill of the craftsman with the work times and demands of an ever more changing market.

And paper proved once again that it is still able to fascinate the very young…

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