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The 27th edition of the Mantua Festivaletteratura ended with the now predictable extraordinary audience participation.

But we do not want to tell you here about the very rich program of meetings with writers, readings, performances and concerts with national and international artists-all initiatives that make this one of the most important literary festivals in Europe.

What we would like to note is the increasingly central importance that the environmental issue has assumed not only within the program but also in the Festival’s own organizational arrangements.

It is called “Climate Action” the set of initiatives implemented by the organizers to monitor the impact of the Festival and the subsequent initiatives aimed at reducing this impact to essentially zero.

Hence the measures to activate a comprehensive sustainable mobility plan during the days of the Festival, based on both bicycle-pedestrian and public transport.

Or the initiative, which is expanded from year to year, of planting a new river forest along the banks of the Po River in the municipality of Dosolo.

And as every year this great attention to sustainability the Festival confirms it with the use of the special 100% recycled paper notebook specially created by Arbos.

Beautiful, colorful notebooks where writers, journalists, and reading enthusiasts were able to fix ideas and stimuli sparked by the many events.

Arbos ecological notebooks
Arbos ecological notebooks

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