Follow the chicken and find the world – Donna J. Haraway

The biologist Edward O. Wilson argues that “inherent in human nature, there is a love for nature and a sense of connection with the environment, a need for closeness to other living beings that has its roots in our genetic heritage.”

The hen is one of the animals that most reminds us the contact with nature that we want to rediscover…

In fact, little by little hen is reappearing in the gardens and in the houses of famous people, Hollywood celebrities and national ones, but also of many ordinary people.

Fashion of the moment or awareness?

Perhaps both, but it is undeniable that the hen has accompanied the life of the man from its origins and is continuing to do so.

It is easy to say chicken….

When you get to know this cute and very useful bird, you discover that there is no “the hen” but a variegated world of races with the most different aesthetic characteristics.

But all have in common the ability to tell a territory and the people that I have populated through the stories, literature, art since the anecdotes and the ways of saying handed down over the years.

Arbos wanted to tell this animal with a colorful and funny line, playing on the peculiarities of the most famous races.

For those who want to know more we recommend visiting the site The editorial staff of “Tutto Sulle Galline” has collaborated with us in the realization of the new line. Real experts on the subject! You can find historical information, curiosities but also practical tips to create your own henhouse.