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The Arbos journals, notebooks and notepads are an emotion before a product!

Whether it is a simple sketch or a complex architectural drawing; whether it is a thought jotted down or the writing of reasoning, the mark that a pen or pencil leaves on a sheet of paper is a manifestation of identity, an absolutely personal trace that digital writing can never match.

The Writing catalogue contains the best of the Arbos production designed for an audience that is passionate about a quality product and that does not want to give up the poetry or convenience of handwriting.

Numerous designers and artists (almost 50 from 1998 to date) have successfully interpreted the various recycled materials according to the original aesthetic and functional canons and with ideas and projects that go beyond latest fads.

The passion and craftsmanship of Arbos, together with a continuous commitment to research and innovation, have always been able to obtain products with high communicative and emotional value. Finally, the “ITALIAN JOURNEY” collection expresses the application of all this work to the museum merchandising field by offering refined products resulting from the collaboration with important Italian museums and cultural organisations.