KROMA small notebook

Colours are the universal language of the soul wrote Wassily Kandisky. What better way to introduce the Kroma series of the new small copy-books made from recycled paper? Here’s a real rainbow of colours to start brightening up 2015. You can use the language of colour to choose the shade which is nearest to – or furthest from – your personal taste. Indeed, chromotherapy has taught us that colours can have a considerable effect on our state of mind. Every copy-book represents a dialogue between complementary colours: in the colour of the cover, the printed content, and the edges of the pages themselves. Another attractive feature is that the covers of the copy-book are printed in two languages: Italian and English. The inside pages, in recycled paper, have been left blank, and so can be used for either writing or drawing.

The small copy-books by Arbos are available with display unit and gift wrap.

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