Notebooks for children and paper toys to develop their creativity

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The ArbosKids collection of children’s products was created from Arbos’ experience in the processing of recycled paper and cardboard and its fruitful collaboration with some of the best children’s designers and illustrators.

The playful Kids collection includes a rich assortment of colouring books, animals to be assembled, travels among imaginary landscapes, notebooks with thousands of colours and board games. Original gift ideas made with great care and craftsmanship to stimulate the creativity and imagination of children.

In fact, these products encourage interaction with the child; they stimulate the imagination and transport the child to fantastic faraway worlds filled with funny animals as well as fantastic and whimsical characters, and invite the child to experiment with materials of different colours and surfaces.

The aim of this collection is precisely that of exploring the potential of recycled paper and cardboard, turning them into products that promote creative learning and the development of a dynamic and flexible mind.

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