Now there is DOT. full stop!

From Planet Creativity comes DOT, the ecological notebook that takes the pleasure of writing to another dimension.

100% made in Italy, 100% recycled, 100% successful

Arbos double face notebook dots


As soon as you see it you immediately realise how it looks like no one else.

It is a notebook that certainly does not go unnoticed.

DOT has a strong and clear identity.

Perfect fusion of material, form, colour and function.

But it is when you hold it between your fingers that you discover its soul.

A warm and sensual surface gives you a surprising tactile experience.

This confirms how touch is the father of all senses, in its ability to put us in touch, in the most intimate way, with things.

And to remind us how creativity comes from materials.

Arbos ecological notebook with colorful cardboard cover
the creative ecological notebook in recycled cardboard

DOT has a generous nature.

It’s a notebook but it’s in 3 parts.

On the one hand, it offers you blank pages to allow maximum freedom of expression; on the other hand, it offers you dotted pages to facilitate neat writing.

And in between, colourful pages to make you fly to Planet Creativity.

Discover the uniqueness of DOT

Cover made of thick cardboard with a special weave that gives a ‘soft’ effect. The stitch is made of cardboard that contrasts with the colour of the cover.

DOT is available in 2 formats 13×21 and 10.5×15. Double-sided cover orange and black or lime green and blue

Spine sewn at sight

Inside 3 lines: 64 pages in recycled dotted paper, 16 pages in coloured paper to match the cover, 64 pages in neutral paper.

Made of recycled paper and cardboard DOT is a 100% made in Italy notebook

Arbos taccuino ecologico dot colori copertine
Arbos ecological notebook Dot particular back with visible stitching
Notebook Dot. Detail cover with descriptive paper band
Arbos Dot particular cover with contrasting element
Arbos Cardboard notebook with contrasting elementto

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