Spiral notebooks: ecology, versatility and beauty

Spiral Notepad
beautiful, practical, versatile

The SPIRAL, one of the oldest symbols in human history

The spiral symbol can already be found in prehistoric engravings in the Valcaminica more than 7,000 years ago. It is one of the most widespread geometric shapes in nature. The entire universe, from human DNA to galactic clusters, from the whirlwind of cyclones to the magnetic field: the spiral is the form that the motion of universal energy takes.


Arbos spiral notes detail


Arbos eco spiral Notes - detail


Arbos Notebook opening rings detail



Arbos ecological spiral notebooks kroma

Few things are more functional than a spiral note.
Very few more creative.
No one more versatile.
If you turn the cover completely inside out, you will have a rigid tablet that allows you to write easily while holding it in your hand.
The pages hold your notes, but if you need a blank sheet of paper you can easily tear one out… and it doesn’t flinch.
In the ring-opening version you can also add inserts, creating a personalised note.

Spiral bound notebook with coloured, raw cut cardboard
Coloured pasteboard cover, embossed,
sheets in recycled paper

Arbos spiral notebooks embossing detail
Arbos coloured ecological spiral notebooks

Paperboard spiral notes, raw cut.
Hot-printed straw paper cover, inside double-sided 2-striped, coloured cartapaglia insert

Arbos Spiral Ricuoio Notes

recycled leather spiral notebook
recycled leather cover with 2-colour screen printing (glossy uv and green), sheets in recycled paper

Arbos spiral notebook printed cover

Rough-cut spiral notebook
Cardboard cover – four-colour printing. Interior 2 stripes with coloured sheet insert

Arbos spiral notebook die-cut cardboard cover

Havana cardboard spiral notebook
Die-cut havana cardboard cover, sheets in recycled paper

Arbos spiral notebook "Leonardo" in recycled cardboard

Spiral bound notebook with thick cardboard, bleed cut
Four-colour printed cardboard cover, recycled paper sheets

Arbos spiral notebook with coloured sheets made of recycled cartapaglia paper

cartapaglia thick cardboard spiral notebook
Cartapaglia covered cover with thick label application, coloured straw paper sheets

Arbos spiral notebooks in recycled second life plastic

Recycled plastic notebook
Post-consumer recycled plastic (Second Life Plastic®) cover, 1-colour screen printing, recycled paper interior

Arbos cardboard ring notes with multi-material interior

Havana microwave cardboard ring notes
Die-cut havana cardboard cover, inside catalogue-sample book, inserts of various materials


Arbos eco spiral notebook with embossed cover

If you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the great functionality of the spiral, choose the version with the wrap-around cover.
Your notebook will look like the most classic of notebooks.

Arbos spiral notebook with printed cover

Spiral bound notes with cardboard wrap-around cover
Bleed-cut cardboard cover printed in four-colour process externally and internally, recycled paper sheets

Arbos Spiral bound notebook with hardback wraparound cover

Spiral bound notes with hardback wraparound cover
Coated cardboard cover printed in four-colour process, interior in recycled paper

Arbos spiral notebook with recycled leather wrap-around cover

Spiral bound notebook with wrap-around recycled leather cover
Recycled leather cover with embossed engraving

You can embellish your note with a wide choice of details that make it unique and striking.

Printed cardboard cover
Double elastic closure with decorative element in recycled leather
recycled paper ruled and blank- inside coloured sheets

Arbos spiral notebook with double elastic band and recycled leather decorative element
Arbos spiral bound notebook with recyled leather cover, double elastic and coloured edges

Silkscreen printed recycled leather cover
Double elastic fastening and coloured edging to match
Recycled paper inside

Arbos spiral notes with havana cardboard cover and pencil

Havana cardboard cover UV glossy screen-printed
Round elastic pen holder
Recycled paper inside

Arbos pocket for spiral note

Coloured cardboard pocket separator

Arbos card holder for spiral notebook

Cardboard card holder with elastic pen holder

Arbos pocket and pen holder for spiral notebook

Card pocket with elastic pen holder

Arbos - closure with pencil on spiral note

Closing for pencil with paper rings

Arbos details of die-cut sheets on spiral notes

Shaped penholder sheets

Arbos detail rounded corners on spiral notepad

Rounded corners


Arbos spiral notes - examples of customisation

Add one or more pages or the calendar of the year to make your sustainability communication more impactful.
And if your ideal notes are not among them, we will certainly find the right solution for you


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