Tales from the factory

open days fabbrica aperta

During the Open days we had the chance to meet and talk with many paper enthusiasts: both those who had known us for a long time, although not personally, and those who came to know us thanks to the internet, word of mouth, or newspaper articles.
Older, younger, young men and women, came to see us and let their stories be told in the spaces of the Factory. A journey through recycled materials and their processing; a physical dive into the workplaces, with a look at the past and the many project that made of Arbos a great pioneer, not just in environmentally friendly paper stationary, but also in the relationship between manufacturing and creativity.
A chance to get to know each other, and to bring the world of craftsmanship and people together.
A warm WELCOME to all those who took part in the three Open Day weekends.
There were many of you, observant and curious.

Here are the links to the photo galleries of the three days: : June 10thJune 17thJune 24th