The combination between Arbos and art create the “Quaderni” eco-notebooks

“WE FINALLY SELL NOTEBOOKS” this was the title used 20 years ago to present our “QUADERNI” (Notebooks) project, an icon of the Arbos production.
“Quaderni” is a contemporary art creation available in stationery shops and book stores both in Italy and abroad since 1994. It is a creation produced on an industrial scale, for people to think, it is a notebook in which writing, drawing, designing and thinking is possible and becomes a pleasure, and allows the user to step back from the confusion of mass consumerism.
“Quaderni” is a project designed and carried out by Mala Arti Visive and Arbos together with the Neon contemporary art gallery of Bologna.
This notebook is a handy tool, a mental and actual place where it is possible to reflect upon and plan our time. The artistic aspect consists in emphasizing the value of this function in a cultural context and in considering it a decisive element in the commercial-productive sphere or, in other words, in an economy that knows how to propose culture through production and a culture that succeeds in being transmitted through daily consumer products.
In keeping with the original concept, an essential line has therefore been used to give the product a tasteful graphic appearance and a manageable shape, all at an extremely reasonable price.
The QUADERNI project has involved 10 art galleries.

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