TG BASSANO tells of a school’s visit to Arbos.

17 March 2016

TG BASSANO racconta l'incontro degli studenti con ArbosTG BASSANO has told of the visit to Arbos on the 1st of March, of students of a school in the area of Bassano.

Arbos – a company that has always favoured relations with the world of education – has once again had the pleasure of welcoming students from the Ente di Formazione Irigem multimedia school in Rosà (VI).

The students, together with Professor Cortese (a lecturer in Computer Graphics) and Mrs Bassetto (a lecturer in graphics and visual communications), were given a tour of the company by Sergio Paolin (the president of Arbos). The group learnt about the characteristics of recycled materials and witnessed first-hand the entire process of production: from graphical design to printing, from the use of eco-sustainable paper and materials to processing with various types of machinery, and the creation of the products.

This visit to Arbos was helpful to the children who are undertaking a collaborative project: in class, they will be devising graphics for packaging that will then be printed and prepared at the company.

The purpose of this project is to give the students the possibility of following the process of creation of packaging that they themselves have designed; in fact, it is to allow them to build on the theory and practice in class and properly learn and understand the methods and issues associated with the processing of products.

This collaboration between education and craftsmanship gives students the chance to gain first-hand experience of the real world of work and the satisfaction of seeing how a new product is devised and created.

The students’ visit to Arbos was filmed by Rete Veneta.

Here is the footage shown by TG BASSANO.

TG BASSANO racconta l'incontro degli studenti con Arbos



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