Arbos 2015 news

Arbos’ 2015 is an explosion of colours and materials that have resulted in new collections of notebooks, inspired by ecology, graphics, design and irony… obviously all recycled and environmentally friendly! Have we intrigued you?

Below are our new items:


KROMA small notebooks
As you can tell by the name, colours are the soul of this line: each notebook is a balance between complementary colours, that of the cover and that of the printing and edges of the notebook. So, we can choose colours that match our personality, our state of mind or the season.

This notebook is ideal for writing or drawing since the inside light recycled paper pages are neutral.

PARTICOLARE cave canem

CAVE CANEM small notebooks

“Beware of the dog”, the translation of this line’s name means the presence of a danger. On the contrary, we believe that the dog is an affectionate, gentle and… intelligent animal.

These 4 “intellectual” dogs seem to be looking at us with ironic expressions. It is almost as if they are questioning (or even doubting?) our presumed superiority and so giving “cave canem” a different meaning!!


GOTHIC small notebooks

Lovers of gothic atmospheres and stories imbued with mystery and emotion will not resist the charm of these new small notebooks made from recycled paper.

The rough straw-paper cover is inscribed with graphic symbols derived from Gothic lettering, in a dramatic contrast between black and fuchsia.

PARTICOLARE organic lines

ORGANIC LINES small notebooks 

Obviously, our new 2015 collections could not go without making reference to nature. In fact, these small notebooks made from recycled paper and Ricuoio are inspired by the organic design philosophy according to which man and nature must be in symbiosis by integrating human and natural environments. The graphics of the small notebooks interpret shapes found in the natural world: the shape of a leaf, the texture of tree bark, the section of a vegetable or the pattern of a crystal…

ricuoio A5 e A6 insieme avanaquaderno brossurato ricuoio GRIGIO fto americano

This year we wanted to enrich this collection, which has become iconic of the Arbos production, with two new notebooks: the A6 SMALL COPY-BOOK and the MAXI BOUND NOTEBOOK. The uniqueness of this line lies in its recycled leather cover (Ricuoio) that gives the notebook softness and warmth that induces touch and immediately makes you think of its natural origin.