The television show “Un posto al sole” has discovered the Arbos greeting card

un posto al sole Fior di loto.jpg

A romantic Valentine’s Day scene was shown during the episode of “Un Posto al sole”, the most famous and longest Italian soap opera that aired on Rai3 on Thursday 12 February.

The main character, Rossella notices a gift package that Sandro has in his backpack, she curiously peeks at the greeting card and discovers that, as she hoped, the gift is for her. The greeting card reads, “To Rossella …who enlightens my life”. We can only congratulate Sandro for his choice of the greeting card… it is the “Lotus flower” by Arbos, the legendary greeting card made of recycled environmentally friendly straw paper.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or a birthday… your wishes become special with Arbos greeting cards.

With its simplicity, this card gives the recipient a message of love for ecology and appreciation for the made in Italy handicraft. The straw paper used for the card is 100% recycled paper that has not been deinked. It is made with non-selected pulp derived from urban waste. For this reason, the “straw paper” is one of the recycled papers that consumes the least amount of water and energy to be made and generates a very low quantity of sludge as processing residues.

The rough surface of each sheet, full of impurities makes it unique.

And, how did you say I love you?

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