Arbos holds a laboratory session at the Liceo Artistico S. Boscardin in Vicenza

arbos laboratorio studenti 1

Arbos’ new collaboration with the world of education.
As part of the “Alternanza scuola-lavoro e formazione-informazione post diploma” (Work experience and postgraduate training-information) project, Sergio Paolin, the president of Arbos, held a laboratory session on March 17th for class 2B at the Liceo Artistico of the Boscardin Higher Education Institution in Vicenza. Mr. Paolin first told the students a bit about the history of the company, covering the “3R” philosophy: respect for people – respect for the environment – research into beauty, traits which have characterised Arbos since it was first set up in 1988.

The students, coordinated by their teacher Maria Luisa Filippi Fermar, could touch various different types of recycled paper, recycled leather and Ristoffa – all materials used by the company to create its products. The children were so enthralled by these recycled materials they even asked Mr. Paolin if they could keep the samples!
It is not every day, in fact, that a school gets the chance to welcome the representative of such a local business, and the founder of one for that matter.

Mr. Paolin went on to discuss one of the main aspects of the work at Arbos: creativity, the “key principle” for the development of products using materials in new ways. He explained how important it is to collaborate with other companies and also with designers, in order to create innovative products based on in-depth research into the materials and their possible uses.

It was the teacher’s idea for the students to present some of their paintings directly to President Paolin, who expressed great appreciation.

The session ended with a group discussion where the children tried to imagine the practical implications of their art works in the context of the world of craftsmanship.

Here are a few photos of the day:

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