Coloriamoci: ecology and creativity on a child’s scale

“Hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence,” wrote Maria Montessori.
And this is even more true for children who use their hands as a means of exploring the world.
Montessori maintained that, through doing, thinking manifests itself: manipulating things, in short, is a way of reasoning.

Colouring, cutting out, gluing are all activities that stimulate creativity and help improve concentration. They are an excellent exercise to improve and strengthen hand-eye coordination and thus develop fine motor skills. Through the choice of colours and materials, children and young people can express their inner world. Furthermore, through the free and/or guided activity of colouring, they can experiment alternately with freedom and discipline, creativity and rigour.

With the collection Coloriamoci Arbos dedicates a quality space for children to explore and develop their creativity.
Thanks to recycled papers of different surfaces and colours, children learn from an early age the value and beauty of recycled materials, developing their ecological awareness in a playful way.

Discover the entire collection in the catalogue writing.

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