Ecological notebooks to celebrate Dante’s modernity

2021 is a special year: the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet.

Hundreds of initiatives were organised to celebrate Dante Alighieri by organisations, institutions, artists and cultural associations in the most important cities but also in smaller towns.

Arbos wanted to celebrate Dante’s modernity with a special edition of ecological notebooks with a minimalist and contemporary look.
The refined essentiality of the visible coloured binding and the reflections of the metallic print frame the famous triplets.
Morality, religion, politics, love and hate, passions, vices and virtues. Dreams and aspirations. Pursuit of happiness and improvement.
Dante narrates states of mind that are valid in all times, and therein lies his extraordinary modernity.
Dante also speaks to us, and about us.
100% Eco, 100% made in Italy.

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