COMICS collection. Do you remember your childhood?

The short stories of Milo and Poldo by graphic designer Silke De Vivo and the covers of these colourful notebooks take us back to those happy moments that we can all remember.

And that we would love to live through again.

They can re-ignite the excitement that we felt when we made our first friends, or when playing, and of the tender love between a child and their dog.
But even as adults, playing helps us to be happy, to recover that good humour and spontaneity typical of our childhood. Dedicating our time to something that has no aim or purpose is fun and rewarding.

And it is indeed this “wasting time” that helps develop innovative and creative insights, as do silence and apparent emptiness. It’s a way to bring innovation, flexibility and creativity into our work. When shared, playing promotes empathy, and socialising becomes as simple as when we were children. It creates an atmosphere in which interpersonal relations are easier and more gratifying.

Finding, also as adults, time to play. Without the need to win.

The new Comics collection brings out the child in us. A range that recalls spring, that awakens our desire for colours and nature.

Strictly environmentally friendly: 100% made of recycled paper and leather.
Strictly 100% Made in Italy.