Ecological notebooks for the Arturo Toscanini competition

Arbos Arturo Toscanini ecological notebooks - detail

The Arbos ecological notebooks at the prestigious Arturo Toscanini international conducting competition.

The 11th edition of the’Arturo Toscanini’ international conducting competition is one of the most prestigious initiatives in the programme that you can find at the following link ‘Parma capital of Italian culture 2021’.

The competition is a unique opportunity for young musicians – after careful selection from all over the world – to try their hand at great Italian opera. To them, the Fondazione Toscanini offers the possibility of living for a few weeks an immersive experience in the life and history of Parma, the opera city par excellence.

The aim of the Competition is not only to give young musicians a unique opportunity to measure themselves against their talent, but also to offer them a new way of deepening their technical and cultural understanding of the great Italian operatic heritage
The competition will bring the best candidates to compete on the podium of the Filarmonica Toscanini, dreaming of the final in October at the city’s Teatro Regio.
You can find out more about the competition and its innovative and culturally valuable formula on the dedicated website

The refined ecological notebooks of the capsule collection will be the ideal place to collect and preserve memories and emotions of these young music talents. The notebooks are made entirely of recycled paper and are embellished with a singer-stitched spine.

Arbos is proud to be able to count the prestigious foundation ‘La Toscanini’ among its important collaborations with the art world in the realisation of quality museum merchandising. You can find information on collaborations in our portfolio
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Arbos ecological notebooks Arturo Toscanini
Arturo Toscanini competition - participants
Arbos Arturo Toscanini ecological notebooks - detail