Ecology and environment at the Mantua Festival

The Mantua Festival, scheduled for 4 – 8 September 2019, represents in Italy the main opportunity for readers and writers to meet and talk.
There will be over 300 events in 4 days; and many important guests from Italy and around the world are expected to attend.
Festivaletteratura is also a chance to cover a variety of issues that affect people’s lives and society.
It is a special and unmissable occasion to pause and reflect on the present and especially the future, together with writers, philosophers, economists and intellectuals of disparate backgrounds.

The environment is, of course, one of the topics up for discussion.
No fewer than 21 events will focus on the correlation between nature, well-being and economy but also on the risks related to the progressive loss of biodiversity, and on the effects that human activity has and will have on our planet.
Jonathan Safran Foer, Roberto Danovaro, Margaret Atwood, Leonardo Becchetti, Giorgio Vacchiano and Emanele Bompan are just some of the speakers.
The complete programme is available at this link:

This year, the Festival has once again chosen an Arbos notebook as an official notebook symbolising its commitment to the environment.

Created specifically for the Festival, the beautiful notebook is the ideal “place” for penning reflections and ideas with regard to this event, but not only!
It is naturally 100% ecological: in recycled paper and Ricuoio.
Naturally 100% made in Italy
The supply of the notebook represents the real support that Arbos gives to one of the most admirable initiatives for the promotion of reading and culture.