Green communication: a strategic choice

Consumers are favouring more and more environmentally friendly products, showing appreciation for companies that are truly committed to sustainability.

Sustainability is an extremely complex issue, not limited to the simple use of environmentally friendly materials or to recycling. It also considers production processes and the relationships between the company and people, staff and customers, and to a wider extent society as a whole, for a more ethical approach to business.

Many companies are working to make their activities more sustainable, both in the realisation of their products and in their production activities, implementing increasingly more efficient processes and using renewable energies.

All this entails a great deal of commitment for the companies in terms of innovation and investments. And in order to obtain the right competitive advantage in the market, it is of fundamental importance that such commitment is indeed demonstrated in a serious and transparent manner.

For Arbos, sustainability has always been a core choice, further confirmed this year with the obtaining of the B-CORP sustainability approval.
For over 30 years, we have made available our experience in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly notebooks and notepads for company promotion activities.
Environmentally friendly products with high aesthetic value and 100% Made in Italy quality: the ideal “place” to convey your message.