The Tribal marketing

In this age and era of individuality, the individual has a growing need for social aggregation, to be “part of a community” on the basis of free choices, not just driven by reason, but also feelings and passions.

This desire to share, to be part of a specific community based on personal preferences and values, is the foundation of what is referred to as “tribal marketing”.

This sense of belonging allows everyone to feel part of a community defined by a location, an experience, or an idea.

EAnd so, an object can become both the drive and the ambassador of a range of values: a symbol recognised by the whole community.

The merchandising created for the University of Padua aims at strengthening the idea of community in its students, both present and past.

Notebooks and notepads made using fully recycled materials (recycled paper and leather), with an understated and elegant look, strictly contemporary, featuring the university seal in an elegant metallic red print.

Strictly made in Italy by Arbos.