Interactive paper surface, Paper and the territory

The Veneto Region, the Ca ‘Foscari University Foundation and ARBOS – Italian eco design present: Interactive paper surface, La carta e il territorio: un racconto tra Venezia e il Trentino lungo la valle del Brenta (Interactive paper surface, Paper and the territory: a tale of Venice and Trentino in the Brenta valley).

It is an interactive device created by the artist Andrea Santini of UBIK for the project “MIMESIS. Trasmettere immagini artistiche di impresa” (MIMESIS. Transmitting the artistic images of a company) and developed for the V.A.L.O.R.E. invitation to tender of the Veneto Region prepared by the researcher Elena Nena Agosti and Prof. Fabrizio Panozzo.

The device uses capacitive sensors to make the surface of the paper interactive.
Touching on the locations shown on the map, a narrator tells the story of the processing of paper and printing along the Brenta river, from Castel Tesino to Venice, passing through Valbrenta, where ARBOS – Italian eco design is based.
The course of the river also follows an ideal historical line that takes us from the prints of the Remondini publishing firm to the original products in recycled paper and leather that characterise the production of the Solagna company.

The aim is to tell the story of paper and the paper mills in the area, with a focus on the tactile relationship with the material itself.


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