Lace Collection – notebooks where innovation meets tradition – by Romina Carrisi Power

“If you want to be universal, talk about your village” . This is Tolstoij’s thought that must have inspired the young artist Romina Carrisi Power when she created the new line of notebooks and workbooks for Arbos.

Romina succeeds in conveying this message with a light and romantic idea, by dressing their covers with extremely suggestive words and images. She does it by revisiting, in a delicate and almost sensual manner, an old tradition that is still much alive both in the Apulia region and the rest of Italy: lace.
The collection consists of 2 formats of workbooks and 2 notebooks, made of refined materials and very well thought in each and every detail.

Products that in addition to telling a story can also inspire real emotions…. all strictly using environmentally friendly recycled paper!