Officinegreen Campus: the green economy in the limelight at Santorso

Schermata 2015-07-16 alle 17.13.08Eco design is a growing trend, with more people than ever who care about nature and prefer to use products that are eco-sustainable, and more events and meetings that cover this very phenomenon.

One such event, which has run for several years now, is Officinegreen Campus. This will be held July 17 to 19 at Santorso (VI), in the splendid Villa Rossi, and will mainly look at and develop upon three macro-themes: eco-design on Friday 17, agriculture 2.0 on Saturday 18, and sustainable food and tourism on Sunday 19.

From 5:30 pm on Friday, Arbos will also make an appearance with its own focus on “Materiali innovativi, l’arte del recupero di materiale di scarto e riciclato” (Innovative materials and the art of reusing waste and recycled material).

Participants will include Sergio Paolin of Arbos, as well as Federica Collato of Reverse, Stefano Stecca of Caudex Atelier del legno, Giovanni Franco of Sogesca SrlManuela Rigon of Creazioni ZuriNicola Zago of Lino’s Type and Enrico Pandian, the founder of Supermercato24. The evening will be moderated by Luca Barbieri and Domenico Lanzilotta of Corriere Innovazione.

The three-day event will also involve tastings, musical entertainment, guided tours and exhibitions that consider the many facets of these themes…

Officinegreen Campus is organised by the Yourban Cultural Association and the Municipality of Santorso, with the partnership of Cna Vicenza, Equistiamo and Vaghe stelle and the sponsorship of the Municipality of San Vito di Leguzzano, the Municipality of Valli del Pasubio, and the Municipality of Monte di Malo. The official media partners are Corriere Innovazione, Veneto Economia and A Nordest Di Che.

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