“Painted Envelopes” and “Catalogue of the best letters”: Arbos at the Festival of Letters

festival delle lettereThe fascination of a letter written with a pen on paper, with the thoughts that flow from the heart to the paper through the hand, is unique and timeless, even though it is becoming more and more rare to receive one.

This was the reason for the “Festival of Letters”, which returns to Milan from 8th October for its 11th edition.

“Belly Letters” is the theme chosen for this edition of the competition. The mission of the competition, according to the organisers, is “to fill every form of distance – physical, cultural, temporal or social – with a letter. Because it has the unique power of combining past and future, large and small, near and far.”

So, from 8 to 11 October, the Teatro Litta in Milan will host a rich programme of exclusive events packed with the emotions that only a letter can express, between calligraphic performance, theatre, cinema, comedy and art.

Among the events that will animate the programme, there will also be the exhibition “Painted Envelopes”, presenting a series of envelopes provided by Arbos and decorated by calligraphic artists of international renown.

The central moment of the event will be on 11 October with the presentation of the awards for the best letters taking part in this year’s competition, divided into four categories: “Letter from a Drawer”, “Letter on a Free Theme”, “Letter Under14” and “Belly Letter”.

On that occasion a catalogue/notebook will be distributed (in a letter envelope, of course…) reproducing the best letters presented in the competition. All made of recycled paper by Arbos.

The complete programme of the event is available on the Festival of Letters site.


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