‘Punto e a Capo’: Reggio Emilia hosts the Children’s Book Festival

quaderno-arbosThe children’s book festival ‘Punto e a Capo’ will be held at Chiostro della Ghiara in Reggio Emilia on 18 and 19 April 2015. It has been organised by the children and teens’ bookstore “Il Semaforo Blu” owned by Cristina Spallanzani in collaboration with Teatro dell’Orsa.

The objective set for the event is to promote reading amongst children in the 0 to 16 age bracket.

The festival therefore sets out to enhance awareness on the subject of reading as an opportunity to gain knowledge, listen, attain independence and freedom of thought.

The 2015 edition has been developed around the theme “Food, slowness and memory” with food standing for the element tied to the earth, to slowness in growth according to the cycle of seasons, to slowness in preparation, and to memory. Indeed, food – with its fragrances and flavours – is able to reawaken many memories within us. The theme creates a continuity with Expo 2015 that will open in Milan at the beginning of May and that will, in fact, regard nutrition.

It is precisely owing to its marvellous objectives that Arbos decided to back the festival by working together with the organisers to create an original double-face notebook of the personalised Twist line, made entirely of recycled eco-friendly paper.

The festival will take up the full weekend with activities tailor-made for all ages, including public readings with the involvement of theatre actors and actresses, workshops focussed on the book theme, meetings, exhibitions and appointments, even for the adults who will accompany the children.

We look forward to welcoming you to Semaforo Blu Saturday and Sunday at Chiostro del Ghiara in Reggio Emilia.

The ‘Punto e a capo’ festival benefits from the sponsorship of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Expo 2015 School Project and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

You can visit the website dedicated to the Festival and follow the Facebook page.