Rediscovering the pleasure of writing by hand? We learn from Brad Pitt

lettera brad pitt

Do you remember how, until a few years ago (well, all right… until a few decades ago), people used to write long letters full of passion and feeling to their girlfriend or boyfriend? Or just to keep up to date with family and friends?

Now things have changed: with the advent of technology and new means of communicating and keeping ourselves informed, our communication is much shorter and more immediate. This immediacy, certainly combined with a more hectic lifestyle and a continuous lack of time, causes us to communicate never more than what is absolutely necessary, as though it were a waste of energy.

The fact that there is no longer the waiting and the fatigue of the past in contacting another person causes us to underestimate the value of the message itself. Still today, when we receive a letter from a dear one, especially if it is hand-written, we tend to give it a higher, more affectionate value than a message received from Whatsapp or Facebook, which we soon forget.

So why not rediscover the pleasure of a hand-written letter, when we want to send someone a really important message?

We can takes as our example a model family from Hollywood, that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In a recent interview with the German newspaper Bild, Brad spoke of the difficulty of reconciling work with family, but he says he has found a solution: “We found an old-fashioned way of communicating: we write letters to one another”.

Because paper is not just an ordinary material, it brings with it a set of values that enhance the message we want to send.