Children, today we are going to learn how paper is made

post comiecoIn Milan, respect for the environment, ecology and recycling are also learned at school, thanks to the initiative of Comieco, the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging, which for 15 years has been devoting many activities to schools and children, all make known on the dedicated site, to discover how paper and cardboard can be recycled.
Every year the Consortium organises RicicloAperto, days when the recycling plants open their doors to everyone, especially school parties, so that they can see with their own eyes the entire process of recycling cellulose materials, which begins with their own effort in separate waste collection. In 14 years, this initiative has involved more than 380 thousand people in Lombardy.
But Comieco’s commitment and attention to schools does not stop here, for it encourages a real relationship of mutual collaboration, a daily help in separate waste collection. With the “Salvacarta” or “Savepaper” project, the Consortium provides all the schools involved with containers for recycling, as well as all the educational and informative material for teachers. Waste will then be collected regularly by AMSA throughout the school year. 360 primary and junior high schools in the city of Milan have taken part in this important project. From January of this year, Comieco, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and AMSA Group A2A, will provide the schools with additional informative material, in a dedicated container, for promoting, improving and becoming thoroughly acquainted with the separate collection and recycling of paper and cardboard.
As an incentive for separate collection, Comieco also holds periodic competitions in which the schools in the 9 districts of the city take part to gather the biggest and best collection of paper and cardboard. The prize in cash is awarded to the schools in the district that comes top of the list.
On the dedicated site it is possible to find all the information, documents, ventures and games for learning all there is to know about the separate collection of paper and cardboard, which can be used by all schools in Italy, even outside the province of Milan, to inform students and increase their awareness of recycling and the values of ecology.