L’ecolaio: a story of ecology and sustainability

foto ecolaio

“There’s no waste with eco” is the company motto. Right from the start, their business model was firmly based on ecological principles and the concept of the three Rs – Reuse, Recovery and Reclamation. They have now become an important network in Italy, uniting like-minded people who believe in these values, with a sales and franchising system offering a huge range of products: all made from ecological or recycled materials.

They distribute products to suit every need: for the house, the office, or personal use. The main materials involved are recycled cardboard and leather, but other materials such as wood and bamboo are also used, as well as reclaimed electric circuits. Their current range consists of five different product lines:

    • –     Ecokids, a range of children’s games, made principally from recycled cardboard and paper;
    • –     Ecobeauty, a line of soaps and detergents for the house and person, made from natural, organically-grown ingredients and free from preservatives;
    • –     Ecocartoleria, which offers exercise-books, diaries, albums and many other stationery products;
    • –     Ecocasa, a line of gift items for the home;
    • –     Ecoufficio, which specialises in office materials, ranging from diaries and envelopes to printer cartridges;
    • –     Econatura, which mainly produces plant pots.

Ecolaio has a series of retail outlets and sales corners, based mainly in Central and Northern Italy. However, it is also possible to buy online, by visiting the Ecoshop.

The range of Arbos products can be purchased either at sales points or the online store. These include children’s colouring books, note-books bound in recycled leather, a variety of desk items, exercise books and decorated paper.

But what is the key to L’ecolaio’s success? The answer lies in people and their commitment to eco-sustainability. People recognise the added value in these objects, and know that even small gestures are important and can make a difference in our progress towards a better and more sustainable future. Arbos also believes firmly in this principle, and this is why we wanted to tell you this particular story.