A video about the toys designed by Luca Boscardin: “A game that requires imagination!”

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What are toys? For the designer Luca Boscardin, toys are a way of encouraging children to be creative and give free rein to their imagination. Pictures and simple and three-dimensional designs that any child can complete and turn into a multitude of possibilities. Toys should also go beyond the norm to allow the child to become the sole interpreter of their own game and to create and recreate it in their own unique way.

This is what Luca Boscardin says in a fun video interview with Polpetta’s Mag. Luca discusses, above all, his love for his work as a creator of toys.

The video also covers Luca Boscardin’s collaboration with Arbos, for whom he has created the collection “Town People”, made of recycled cardboard. The game consists of 18 characters of an imaginary town which children can easily recognise as characters of their own daily life: the police officer, the teacher, the postman, the flower shop owner, etc. The Town People are to be put together with nine boxes of various sizes, each of which is illustrated on all six sides. There are, therefore, many combinations for creating the characters, to stimulate the child’s imagination.

Luca Boscardin has also designed for Arbos the Fantastic Creatures Dominos, cards with pictures of “Jungle creatures” and “Sea creatures”. Unlike traditional dominos, there are no rules but plenty of scope for imagination. The real creatures can be combined in various original ways to breathe life into an infinite number of imaginary animals.

Do watch the video to find out about Luca’s wonderful story. Enjoy!

abitanti del villaggio

Gli Abitanti del Villaggio
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