Craftwomen conquer Venice province

artigianato in rosaWhile the streets of Solagna were filled with people celebrating the Mandorlato Fair, at Arbos the lively and creative Show was being held entitled “5+1 Cinque Creative, Una Fabbrica” (Five Creative Artists, One Factory). From 6 to 8 December, this Show attracted a great many visitors to our Factory Store, maybe in search of handmade gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

At the show, alongside Arbos products, some beautiful handmade creations were on display, all Made in Italy by five local creative artists: Claudia Scattolini, Vania Sartori, Merita Marin, Messaggi da Indossare and Creazioni Zuri.

Claudia Scattolini is a Fragrance Designer, who attended the ISIPCA in Versailles, the Guerlain school, to study the old craft of the master perfumer and create customised perfumes, made to measure, delicate compositions for the most refined senses of smell.

Instead, the hands of Vania Sartori, produce splendid artistic craft ceramics, exclusively handmade, showing a rare mastery of the technique and of the ceramic materials. The characteristic decorations of her ceramics are essential and poetic.

Fabrics are the materials preferred by Merita Marin, who creates unique bags with sartorial skill. She uses fine fabrics by the historic Eger company.

Jewels were also protagonists of the show. For Messaggi da Indossare they are jewels made of plexiglass which are real tools for communication, “for all the times when you can’t find the words to say something…”. Instead, the material preferred by Creazioni Zuri is paper. The collection consists of necklaces and bracelets made with trimmings of Arbos ecological paper. In 2013, Creazioni Zuri by Chiara Zuliani and Manuela Rigon won the prize “Open Design Italia meets Berlin”.

After the Show “5+1 Cinque Creative, Una Fabbrica”, a new event is about to begin to highlight the creativeness of women from Vicenza.

It is an all-female Craft Exhibition, organised by CNA Vicenza. The aim of the event is to valorise Craft work and promote the “savoir faire” of our territory. The work produced by 9 craftswomen will be on show, an example of excellence and entrepreneurship. The exhibition will be held from 12 to 31 December in Palazzo Fogazzaro at Schio and will be open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 10 to 12.30 and from 15 to 18.

One of the 9 craftswomen will be Bruna Oriella Guarise who has always worked enthusiastically in the paper world and is joint owner of Arbos. The other protagonists will be Chiara Raccanello, Cristina Busnelli, Cristina Marzola, Fabiola Scremin, Licia Viero, Nadia Cimarolli, Silvia Guasina and, last but not least, Creazioni Zuri.