The importance of keeping a diary

For years we have been wondering about the future of handwriting in the digital age. Is it better to use a pen or a tablet?
How important is keeping a personal journal?

Dr. Filippo Ongaro effectively explains this in the presentation of the diary “La vita a pieno” realized in collaboration with Arbos.

Many people think writing a diary is just a teenage thing, which you give up as soon as you become an adult. In fact, keeping a diary is one of the most effective and natural ways to combat insecurity, mood swings, lack of focus and stress.
Many studies show that writing a diary is also a great aid to memory because it encourages us to reflect on what has happened to us, persuades us to look more deeply into the words we use, and therefore has a positive effect on language. And finally, it helps us discover new aspects of our character by making us spend some quiet time in our own company.
There is also an important aspect in relation to writing by hand, which is now being increasingly replaced by digital media, but nevertheless forms a vital connection between the hand and the brain. Scientific studies have revealed a very strong link between use of our hands and use of the brain. Our capacity to deal with abstract concepts is simply a reflection of our incredible ability to manipulate objects with our hands.
In other words: manual skill fosters mental ability!
So, let’s turn our diaries into an instrument for – and a testament to – our genuine on-going improvement”.

Filippo Ongaro


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Filippo Ongaro is coach, speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur and doctor. He was an astronaut physician at the European Space Agency (ESA) from 2000 to 2007 and worked extensively with NASA and the Russian Space Agency, as well as working with elite military and athletes. He was the first Italian to obtain board certification in antiaging medicine in the USA and a pioneer in Europe in this emerging discipline.

Books published to date:

Vivere a pieno – Roi Edizioni, 2017 — Fino a cent’anni – Ponte alle Grazie — Dieta o non dieta – Ponte alle Grazie, 2014 — Star bene davvero – Piemme, Maggio 2014 — Mangiare ci fa belli – Piemme, Aprile 2013 — La spesa della salute – Piemme, Settembre 2012 — Mangia che dimagrisci – Piemme, Aprile 2012 — Le 10 chiavi della salute – Salus Infirmorum, 2008 — Mangia che ti passa – Piemme, Aprile 2011