The Italian National Trust (FAI) chooses Arbos

“For the landscape, art and nature. For all people, for all time”.

This is the motto of the FAI (The Italian National Trust), a prestigious foundation that has promoted the preservation and development of the historical, cultural and landscape heritage of our country for more than 40 years.
Thanks to this mission, it was only natural that the fund chose merchandising made from eco-sustainable materials.
The FAI has contributed to the protection and restoration of more than 50 historic sites (30 of which it directly manages the opening to the public) throughout Italy including parks, castles, villas and natural areas.
FAI wanted to create a particular merchandising line for each of the 14 main sites able to combine the need for definitely marketable products and to compete, in terms of taste, quality and contents, with the beauty and charm of the place where they are to be sold.

For such a challenging project, FAI gave priority to the collaboration with a partner such as Arbos, a partner that was able to offer its extensive experience in the museum merchandising sector and its exceptional knowledge of recycled papers and their processing.
In close connection with the architect Paolo Fontana, who worked on the graphics, Arbos created as many as 14 collections, each consisting of 8 refined items, where each image, stroke, and design finds its perfect relation with the delicate surfaces of different papers.
Each article will be a memento that goes above and beyond the experience of the visit and will represent the beauty of the place visited. Each purchase will support the commendable activities of the FAI.

Below is a list of the sites for which a personalised line was created:

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso – Camogli (Genoa)
Castle of Manta – Manta (Cuneo)
Castle of Avio – Sabbionara d’Avio (Trento)
Castle and Park of Masino – Caravino (Torino)
Kolymbetra Gardens – Agrigento
Olivetti Store – Venice
St. Francis Wood – Assisi (Perugia)
Torba Abbey – Gornate Olona (Varese)
Villa Gregoriana Park – Tivoli (Rome)
Villa dei Vescovi – Luvigliano di Torreglia (Padua)
Villa del Balbianello – Tremezzina (Como)
Villa della Porta Bozzolo – Casalzuigno (Varese)
Villa Panza and collection – Varese
Villa Necchi-Campiglio – Milan

Do you want to create your own merchandising line?