Tribute to Andrea Palladio: the ecological and refined Arbos notebook

Andrea Palladio (1.508-1.580) could certainly be described as the first super-star of modern architecture.

Although he only worked within the boundaries of the Republic of Venice, the unique (Palladian style), inspired by Greco-Roman architecture, had a deep and lasting impact on Western architecture – particularly among the Anglo-Saxon nations.

Indeed, in 2010 the United States Congress described Palladio as the “father of American architecture”. His many villas spread across the Venetian plain still delight visitors with their imposing presence and harmonious design. We can understand why Goethe, when visiting Vicenza, was inspired to write the following about Palladio’s work: “There is indeed something divine about his designs…”

The stylish notebooks in our “Andrea Palladio” collection convey the classic elegance of the Palladian style in terms of production, materials and printing techniques.
The Bodonian binding speaks clearly of skilled craftsmanship; the leather cover is hot-printed with details from Palladian designs; and the pages are made from 100% recycled paper, sufficiently thick for ink drawing.
An object that both pleases and surprises us. 100% eco 100% made in Italy

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