Digital Identity Notebook: what is our “real” identity?

Digitisation is transforming not only the world around us but also our very identities.

Numbers, passwords and algorithms are replacing “analogue” faces, histories and identities, and are forcing us to explore new and different ways of relating to others… and to ourselves.

But what exactly is “identity”?

For a response, we looked to the winner for the Nobel Prize for literature, Luigi Pirandello.

In his famous work “Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore”, of which this year marks the centenary of its first performance, he examined the question of identity in our “liquid” society in a remarkably modern way.

“For him, the drama lies in this: in the conscience that I have, that each one of us has. We believe this conscience to be a single thing, but it is many-sided. There is one for this person, and another for that. Diverse consciences. So we have this illusion of being one person for all, of having a personality that is unique in all our acts. But this just isn’t true.”

The black cardboard cover is hot stamped with a glossy black design, reminiscent of electronic circuits.
The dotted lines on the inside pages act as a subtle “guide”, without the constriction of lines or squares.
The notebook is therefore suitable either for writing but also for drawing or making designs.
The book is bound using the same colour thread as the edges.
DIGITAL IDENTITY notebook with its stylish, contemporary design is the perfect place for making notes and keeping memos. With an emphasis on flexibility, creativity and colour.
Entirely ecological and entirely Italian-made.

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