Arbos for Penne Montegrappa: sustainability meets luxury

Penne Montegrappa certainly needs no introduction. The company was founded in 1912, and over the years many people who have left their “mark” on history have written with one of its pens: popes, kings, famous musicians and writers, and iconic figures from the world of sport and entertainment. They range from Hemingway (who lived next to the company during his time in Italy in the 1st World War) to Paulo Coelho; from Muhammad Alì to Pele, and from Jean Alesì to Silvester Stallone, who served as a partner for Montegrappa for a while.

The company once made one of the most expensive fountain pens ever for an unnamed buyer, which came with a price tag of more than $ 1 million! So, for a luxury brand like this to want to make a pen from recycled plastic can certainly be seen as “a sign of the times”. It shows the way in which prestigious brands have decided to embrace the idea of sustainability, linking it closely to quality and to production processes that respect the value and skills of people.

The “Elmo Ambiente” pen not only reflects the Montegrappa style, with a perfect combination of art and craftsmanship, innovation and tradition, but also represents the company’s first step into the world of recycled plastics. The presentation for the pen describes its particular appeal: “The translucent resins created for Elmo Ambiente open a window on the mechanics of the writing instrument and suggest the vision of an alternative way of production. Recycled materials lend a disarming honesty and a renewed sense of intimacy to this pen by reminding us that everything we touch carries a story.”

Arbos has designed and created packaging with huge aesthetic impact and resonance for this beautiful fountain pen. The various parts of the packaging all have a restrained, minimalist look, but the warm textures of the materials fit perfectly with the design of the pen. Recycled leather, fabric, paper, cardboard, and straw paper: everything adds strength and value to the product.

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